Talk of Prof. Dr. Jan Akkermann on the sustainability of Kienlesbergbrücke in Ulm

Colloquium "Resilience of engineering structures" in Strasbourg

With the highly topical subject "les ouvrages d'art au service de la résilience des territoires" on the role of civil engineering structures in the context of a resilient transport infrastructure, the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg invited to an internationally attended colloquium on 20 May 2019.

In front of more than 250 participants in the historical pavilion Josephine at the European Quarter, strategies of conservation management were discussed in lectures and panel discussions.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Akkermann, managing director of KREBS+KIEFER, presented in his lecture the sustainability measures for the new bridge in Ulm for public transport, pedestrian and cycle path to the Kienlesberg. It became clear that sophisticated design and sustainable construction are not contradictory. As a professor at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Akkermann researches efficient methods of maintenance management.

The group of participants from the three-country region of France, Germany and Switzerland illustrated in the best sense the intensive cooperation on a technical and economic level in a Europe that has grown together. KREBS+KIEFER is continuously involved in international markets and was therefore also represented at the colloquium by Dipl.-Ing. Eric Fischer, Managing Director of KREBS+KIEFER International.