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Traffic facilities – for a mobile society

Traffic facilities are the lifeline of mobile societies. They bring people together, connect trading regions and shape the character of localities and landscapes. With many years of experience and the utmost expertise in planning and building traffic facilities, we ensure mobility on the railways and on the roads. In this way, we create future-oriented and sustainable transport infrastructure from the feasibility study right through to execution. 

Our services

  • Design planning for roads and railways
  • Decision and variation studies
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Approval management
  • Traffic management planning
  • Plan review
  • Railway construction and safety supervision 
  • Technical equipment for long-distance and local rail traffic
  • Structural engineering for railways
  • Design planning for airport construction
  • Design planning of infrastructure for energy supply systems
  • General planning of large-scale projects
  • Planning of overhead line systems, substation buildings and switching stations


Michael Schanzenbach Dipl.-Ing.

T 06151 885-269
E schanzenbach.michael@kuk.de