Fire protection – when expertise saves lives

We carefully plan preventive fire safety concepts to the highest standards of engineering. A team with practical experience is the key to technically and economically ideal solutions, for new buildings as well as existing ones. Our specialist planners, accredited certifiers, officially appointed experts and certified fire protection engineers (NFPA) are familiar with national and international building standards and always have the desired safety in mind.

We examine fire protection certificates and concepts for standard and special buildings, as well as natural fire models and engineering methods on behalf of the building supervisory authorities or at their request. Our certified inspectors and inspection engineers know what really counts in order to comply with building regulations.


Our services


  • Developing fire protection concepts
  • Feasibility studies and competitions
  • Structural fire safety engineering
  • Fire and smoke simulation
  • Evacuation concepts and simulations
  • Safe building design
  • Hazard assessment
  • Hire safety for hazardous goods stores
  • Technical due diligence
  • Analyses of existing buildings
  • Construction supervision
  • Fire water containment concepts
  • Fire control matrices
  • Fire safety visualisations
  • BIM for fire protection



Ulrich Dietmann Prof. Dr.-Ing.

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  • Inspection of fire protection concepts
  • Inspection of fire protection certificates in building classes 4 and 5 
  • Inspection of engineering methods for fire protection (e.g. natural fire models, evacuation simulations, smoke dissipation simulations, structural fire protection engineering)