Exercise for the mind


Close links to science research are part of our DNA. Founded 70 years ago at the Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt, the ACADEMY still plays an important part in the professional as well as personal development of our employees. It allows us to get to know each other better and develop more openness and understanding for each other. This helps us work together even more effectively.


Developing management skills

In various workshops we train our managers on topics such as:

  • Leading interdisciplinary teams
  • Recognising and encouraging potential
  • Strategic management
  • Project management tools  

The exchange of experience between colleagues plays just as important a role as the consolidation of communication and presentation techniques.

Specialist lectures

Passing on knowledge

At KREBS+KIEFER, we have a large and valuable resource in the form of our diverse and interdisciplinary expertise. We aim to make this capital available to all our colleagues. Sharing internal knowledge and acquiring external knowledge moves us forward.

General studies

Beyond the technical

This course focuses on the personal development of the people at KREBS+KIEFER. You not only learn for your job, but above all for life. Whether it’s communication, time and self-management or dealing with stress: we promote personal development with a variety of courses.