Construction management – We guide projects to success.

Our outstanding expertise in construction engineering makes us particularly efficient at construction management. We combine technical understanding with common sense to get a grip on all the processes in the project and the complex interactions between them. This enables us to bring about the best possible solutions, implemented on the basis of stringent project organisation and efficient project communication. During this, we always have quality, costs and deadlines under control.

It is crucial to master the technology at all times and to get everyone working towards the same goal. We can do both.


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Building site logistics   TUNNEL SAFETY   SAFETY MANAGEMENT 


Our services

  • Project management
  • Contract management
  • Construction logistics
  • Tendering and contracting
  • Site management and supervision 
  • Safety management
  • Tunnel safety
  • Planning for conversion and rehabilitation
  • Refurbishment
  • Structural survey

Fabian Ruhl Dr.-Ing.

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Tendering and contracting

Creating a solid basis.

  • Preparing for contracting
  • Participation in contracting
  • Examining tender documents

Site management and supervision 

Making sure the quality is right.

  • Site management
  • Site supervision
  • Engineering checks
  • Consultation on concrete technology
  • Welding supervision
  • Interface coordination
  • Defect management
  • Planning process management
  • Coordinating utility providers
  • Documentation

Construction logistics 

Moving people, materials and machinery in coordination.

  • Recording site-specific conditions and interfaces
  • Clarifying requirements and conditions for approval
  • Evaluating planning for construction (design planning and technical planning)
  • Creating a construction logistics and safety concept
  • Planning and tendering construction logistics
  • Creating a construction logistics manual
  • Monitoring and managing construction logistics services

Project management

Good management is everything.

  • Project management (according to AHO)
  • Project management for the client
  • Assistance with internal project management
  • Cost and schedule controlling
  • Organisation of approval procedures
  • Management of land acquisition, land use and utility lines
  • Risk management
  • Interface coordination
  • Public relations
  • Data and document management
  • PPP consulting

Safety management

Because safety is an obligation.

  • Safety management
  • Safety management for work in contaminated areas according to DGUV 101-004
  • Overall safety concepts
  • Site regulations

Contract management

Conflict resolution with expertise.

  • Consultation before awarding contracts
  • Interface management
  • Contract analysis with vulnerability assessment
  • Cost management and monitoring (budget planning)
  • Claim management for the client or contractor
  • Listing and inspecting supplementary claims
  • Listing and assessing supplementary claims or claims for damages due to changes in the work sequence (construction-related supplementary claims)
  • Listing and checking accounts and final invoices