Interview with Mountassir Ettahiri

“KREBS+KIEFER offers its employees an expert environment that not only fosters their development but also gives them security and satisfaction.”

What has your career at KREBS+KIEFER been like so far? What made you decide to join us?

During my studies I wanted to gain professional experience in industry. I had already been working for a year and a half at the Institute for Structural Mechanics and Design at the Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt .

From a recommendation by the head of the Institute I found out that KREBS+KIEFER was looking for student employees in the field of civil engineering.

Also, two employees of KREBS+KIEFER lectured at the university during my Master's course. Of course, they also told me about their practical experience and the technically challenging projects that the company carries out. At first I was mainly interested in bridge construction. So then I looked into the company more closely and found information on the website.

Later on I became specifically interested in supervising construction work, so I decided to apply for a job at the Site management and Supervision department when I finished my studies.

Give us a brief insight: What is your typical working day like?

Flexibility is very important in our department.

That means the work rhythm is different compared to other departments.

The day can start with a site inspection, followed by a construction meeting, then telephone calls, dealing with contractual correspondence, claims, documentation and invoice verification. Communicating and discussing with colleagues livens up the working day.

Every day we’re keen to see what the day will bring. Of course, everyone has to achieve their workload and keep an eye on their time management. But we also have to anticipate what tasks might come our way. This can be a challenge, but we get through it with careful preparation.

Would you recommend KREBS+KIEFER as an employer?

Yes, definitely.

As a graduate it’s helpful to join a working environment where there are experienced engineers. It gives newcomers the chance to ask questions and benefit from experience. At KREBS+KIEFER this is a given – in every department, in every division. KREBS+KIEFER offers its employees an expert environment that not only fosters their development but also gives them security and satisfaction.

The management also attaches great importance to the employees’ development, both professionally and personally. Many KREBS+KIEFER employees are examples of how it is possible to rise to the position of project manager, chief engineer, authorised signatory or managing director.

Some of our senior managers have been with the company since they were students and, after completing their studies, continued taking training courses and took on positions with more and more responsibility. This goes to show that there are realistic opportunities for promotion in our company.

In addition to expertise, communication is also a priority at KREBS+KIEFER. We have the opportunity to exchange knowledge between the different disciplines. As site supervisor at the Darmstadt motorway junction, I see it as a chance to communicate directly with the planners in order to achieve the goal of implementing the project as smoothly as possible. Also, communication and project execution can take place at different locations. I like having the opportunity to exchange information if, for example, a colleague from Berlin has more experience on a particular issue and can share it with me.

What advice do you have for anyone joining KREBS+KIEFER?

The best way to start out is to be committed and to show interest, curiosity and motivation. It’s also important to be able to put forward your own opinion. On the one hand, you will be asked for it, and on the other hand, different perspectives on an issue are always discussed. At KREBS+KIEFER, reliability and a sense of responsibility are also highly valued. I advise anyone just starting out to talk openly about problems and difficulties. In every team, weaknesses can be addressed and then it helps you develop your own strengths.