Fernbild Brücke umgeben von Bäumen

Wasserwerkbrücke Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe’s Wasserwerkbrücke, which opened in 2019, is an important part of the local recreational development that provides access to the inner city for pedestrians and cyclists, replacing the steel truss bridge built in 1895. The bridge design by engineers from KREBS+KIEFER together with the architects GJL emerged as the winner of the urban design competition in 2002. The structure features a steel girder grid with concrete deck, a strikingly designed electric cable enclosure and a gradient that blends into the industrial environment while spanning it with slender elegance.




Project name Wasserwerkbrücke
Location Karlsruhe
Year of completion 2019
Architect GJL Freie Architekten BDA Grube Jakel Löffler PartGmbB
Client Tiefbauamt der Stadt Karlsruhe
Services Demolition planning, general planning, design planning, structural engineering