Brücke seitlich über Wasser

Landeskroner Weiher Wilnsdorf - Haiger/Burbach

The nine-span bridge built in the 1960s for the A45 motorway over the Landeskroner Weiher reservoir will be demolished by blasting and replaced with a new structure almost 400 m in length. One of the benefits will be to significantly reduce environmental impact such as noise by using more suitable building materials. The replacement is a single-cell prestressed concrete box girder design without transverse prestressing, and will be completed by 2024 using the incremental launching method.


Project name Landeskroner Weiher
Location Wilnsdorf - Haiger/Burbach
Planned completion 2023
Client Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW
Service Demolition planning, design planning, structural engineering