Brücke seitlich über Wasser

Landeskroner Weiher Wilnsdorf

The nine-span bridge built in the 1960s for the A45 motorway over the Landeskroner Weiher reservoir will be demolished by blasting and replaced with a new structure almost 400 m in length. One of the benefits will be to significantly reduce environmental impact such as noise by using more suitable building materials. The replacement is a single-cell prestressed concrete box girder design without transverse prestressing, and will be completed by 2024 using the incremental launching method.

Project nameLandeskroner Weiher
Planned completionGeplant 2023
ClientLandesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW, Regionalniederlassung Südwestfalen
ServicesDesign of traffic facilities
Design of civil engineering structures
Structural engineering
Planning of excavation pits
Planning of demolition works