That's it: The last of the 58 escalators was delivered and installed at Ettlinger Tor.

Last escalator for the stops in Karlsruhe is installed

On Thursday, June 13, the time had come: At Ettlinger Tor, the last escalator was lifted into the station by a large truck-mounted crane. A total of 58 escalators have thus been installed in the seven new underground stops.

During the completion of the interior of the urban railway tunnel under Kaiserstraße with the south branch from the market square in the direction of the main station, track construction on the west branch of the tunnel under Kaiserstraße is almost complete: Between the track triangle on the market square and the ramp Mühlburger Tor, the tracks are now in the ballast bed on both longitudinal halves of the raileay. And another part of the so-called "solid track" in the track triangle is almost completed.

In the next three months the southern branch is to follow: Tracks will be laid from the track triangle through the stops Marktplatz, Ettlinger Tor and Kongresszentrum as well as through the tunnel sections in between to the ramp Augartenstraße. Track works in the southern branch are scheduled to be completed by the end of September.

But many fitters are not only involved in track construction: In the future underground station Durlacher Tor, craftsmen are fixing the cladding of the station ceiling from the huge scaffolding that has been or will be erected in this and all other stations for the coming assembly work. When these works are finished, the stations will present themselves in the form that they should have according to the winning design from 2002: Almost white platform surfaces, walls and even the ceiling will make the large rooms appear bright and friendly.

The reconstruction of Kriegsstraße, which will receive a new above-ground track between Mendelssohnplatz and Karlstor with three new stops and a car tunnel underneath the track, is also proceeding at full speed.

In the Karlstor area, so-called search excavations are also being carried out: The exact position of the old excavation pit shoring of the now - still - existing underpasses is being explored. Because of this work, the turning loop in the Kriegsstraße to the west of Karlstor is closed during the (holiday) week from 17 to 21 June. Cyclists and pedestrians are not affected by the changed traffic routing.