Weinberg Bridge Rathenow

Vibrant, but low vibrations

Built for the Federal Garden Show in 2015, the almost 350-metre-long footbridge, with its elegant double curve, passes across the Havel and the Havel backwater known as “Hellers Loch”. The bridge, constructed in accordance with a winning design from the 154th Schinkel Competition in 2009, connects two parts of the exhibition area and with a slight slope, evens out a height difference of approximately 10 metres. KREBS+KIEFER was commissioned to verify the technical aspects of the base and was involved with local site supervision.

Due to its sleek and simple design, certain resonance frequencies of the arch bridge could have been found to be disagreeable by pedestrians. The proposal to attach shock absorbers in the bridge’s hollow chambers was confirmed as an expedient measure by KREBS+KIEFER as they substantially increased the comfort of using this ambitious structure.

The engineers from KREBS+KIEFER verified all the static calculations and 360°-plans, the majority of them very quickly, in parallel with the construction work, and thus made a significant contribution to the on-schedule completion of Weinberg Bridge.