Truckenthal viaduct Thüringen

Boldly bridging the gap

The 425 m long, dual track railway bridge is part of the new Ebensfeld-Erfurt line and passes over the Truckenthaler Grund (valley) in southern Thuringia. During execution, KREBS+KIEFER was responsible for technical verification and conducting engineering inspections pursuant to the Administrative Regulation for Construction issued by the Federal Railway Authority.

Rising to a height of 38 m above the lowest point of the valley, a reinforced concrete arch with a span width of 161 m bridges the stream and road in the valley basin. The bridge superstructure is designed as a continuous hollow box pre-stressed longitudinally and transversely, i.e. it achieves the necessary stability by means of pre-stressed strands made of steel. It was produced locally in sections and moved to its eventual location using the so-called cyclic sliding process. The bridge piers were erected using a climbing formwork system. The arch was built upwards and across simultaneously from both sides using the balanced cantilever method, with the help of auxiliary supports. In the slope area, the superstructure is supported on piers with a shallow foundation.


  • Technical verification
  • Prüfingenieure