Sachsenmilch Dairy production facility Leppersdorf

Gigantic amounts of whey

The newest state-of-the-art production plant of the Sachsenmilch Leppersdorf GmbH is called “Dairy V” - it produces concentrated protein powder. The building inspection authority of the district office Bautzen contracted the inspection out to KREBS+KIEFER.

Huge silos that stand taller than several floor levels, thousands of lines and extremely heavy machines have to be supported by the structure which is required to withstand ten times the usual forces. Modular and semi-finished concrete sections, joined with cast-in-place concrete, was the only real option for a quick erection of the 35m tall structure. This way the containers and equipment could be built into the structure’s shell. Connecting the finished parts with the various carriers, consoles and supports turned out to be an unexpected challenge. Close cooperation of planners and executing construction crews was a must during their assessment and construction work to have a chance at success.

The 40m high stainless-steel storage tanks, situated on a girder grid on bored piles, also turned out to be a great challenge for the structural engineers.


  • Stability audit