TaunusTurm Tower High-rise Frankfurt am Main

Eye Catcher in the Banking District

The 170-metre high TaunusTurm Tower in the inner city of Frankfurt is divided into a 41 storey office tower, a residential tower with 19 floors and a podium with seven floors, with its foundation on a common underground car park with four basements.

The municipality of the city of Frankfurt has commissioned the technical examination of the structural planning to KREBS+KIEFER. The pit and the foundations were included. A huge number of individual plans had to be submitted due to the many different finished parts that were required for the columns and girders.

The inspection of the façades of natural stone and glass, each spanning two floors, proved to be just as challenging. In order that the deformations and subsidence can be balanced for the purpose of obtaining a smooth joint image at any time, the facade elements are adjustable.

Certain components of the ambitious construction have not been covered by European standards until now. Thus the high-strength reinforcing steel, used for supports and parts of the ceiling system, required approval by the highest-level Construction Supervision in this case.