Airport Tegel Tunnel (expert evaluation) Berlin

Smoke extraction instead of tunnel closure

What are the safety and construction measures to enable the continued operation of the Tegel Airport Tunnel possible even if the traffic is slow? This question arose in connection with the future use of the airport area. The procedure where the tunnel entrance is blocked at traffic peak times is one option as a new residential area is to be built along the route. According to the equipment and operation of street tunnels guidelines, the risk of fire in the event of a traffic jam or a slow queue is to be re-assessed and adequate smoke extraction must be ensured.

The proposal prepared by KREBS + KIEFER in the context of working group evaluation requires only minor adjustments to the existing system: In addition to the existing longitudinal ventilation in the event of a fire, eight suction stations placed on the tunnel cover, extract the smoke out of the area and into the atmosphere.


  • Tunnel Safety
  • Evaluation