Bovenden Tunnel Göttingen

All in hand

KREBS+KIEFER was commissioned by the state authority in Lower Saxony for Road Construction and Transport to compile the safety documentation for the Bovenden Tunnel after the more stringent guidelines introduced in 2006 for the configuration and operation of road tunnels (RABT). The document contains all the safety-relevant information for the tunnel, the overall safety concept, the emergency plan, followed by action plans. Stipulated here are the measures that those involved in an emergency, such as the operators in the tunnel’s control room in Hanover, must take in the event of a fire or an accident in the tunnel, or should a hazardous situation arise.

Due to its length of exactly 400 metres, the RABT 2006 stipulates that the noise-protected tunnel with contraflow is to be treated as a “long road tunnel” and be fitted with appropriate technical safety equipment.


  • Safety documentation
  • Emergency plan
  • Overall safety concept
  • Action plans