Wimpasing Noise Protected Tunnel Ampfing

Planning for the future

Contracted by the South Bavaria Motorway Authority, KREBS+KIEFER were responsible for the tunnel safety during the construction and commissioning of the Wimpasing Tunnel system. As tunnel managers, the team studied the planning documents, put together the safety equipment and coordinated the communications between the tunnel centre in Freimann with the police and the fire service on-site.

The constantly updated safety documentation contains all safety-related information and documents on the tunnel, including the overall safety concept as well as the emergency plan. The latter had already been set up before the start of the construction work in cooperation with the Health and Safety coordinator.

The emergency response services were able to familiarise themselves with every angle of the future location from the very start of the project, facilitating faster adoption of the required procedures and resulting in a smooth and punctual commissioning of the project.


  • Safety Documentation
  • Emergency Plan
  • Overall Safety Concept
  • Tunnel Safety
  • Tunnel Manager