13 Street Tunnels Berlin

Learning from Experience

KREBS + KIEFER supports the Senate Administration for Urban Development and the Environment in the planning, construction, commissioning and operation of its heavily polluted inner-city tunnel systems in its role of safety officer. One of the many tasks undertaken by the company is to harmonise and update the emergency plans for all tunnels. In an annual report, traffic accidents are evaluated in all Berlin motorway tunnels with the aim of continuously reducing the likelihood of fatal events and their effects.

The team trains staff and services and participates in the organisation of the scheduled safety drills. In addition, KREBS + KIEFER carries out inspections. Regular inspections test the functional capability of the safety equipment and identify if the required maintenance and repair work has been carried out.


  • Tunnel Safety
  • Safety Officer
  • Safety Documentation
  • Emergency Plan
  • Inspections on-site
  • Emergency Plan Development
  • Accident Annual Reports