Access road to the “Ottmar-Nachtigall-Hof” development area Freiburg im Breisgau

Working in the most confined of spaces

The development of the “Ottmar-Nachtigall-Hof” site in the district of St. Georgen was characterised by confined conditions. The access road ran alongside the old village stream until crossing it finally. The stream bed was tapered by about a third for the narrow road and then converted back to its original width in the area around the bridge. KREBS+KIEFER planned both the bridge and supporting walls to provide protection again flooding and monitored the construction work.

The supporting walls to the left and right of the stream also serve as abutments for the bridge. The incoming supply and disposal pipelines run around two metres below the stream bed into the new development area. The construction site logistics proved difficult in view of the lack of space. On the one hand, the logistics involved the introduction and removal of large-scale equipment, and on the other coordination with respect to the residents and heavy vehicle traffic.


  • Draft survey
  • Site planning for the bridge
  • Structural engineering for the bridge
  • Planning of transport facilities
  • On-site supervision: civil engineering and traffic facilities
  • Engineering checks