Universitätsklinikum Essen

A chance for recovery

Rapid ways to support holistic treatment: The first construction phase of the clinical centre shall house the various disciplines of conservative medicine in an area of around 9.000 m2. This first of three planned phases is intended to produce a building unit, along with the second, that is accessible to the third phase via a connecting bridge.

In the new centre, there are multi-storey inner courtyards that extend upwards by recessing the façade levels. In the connecting build, a large, glass façade provides a view from the two to three-storey halls onto these courtyards. An unsupported steel staircase suspended on cables highlights the generous size of the hall, even when viewed from horizontal angles.

On the western ground floor, the forecourt is used for ambulances and taxis on their way to A&E. The level below is designed for receiving commodity deliveries. The entrances are connected via bridge structures.

Alongside the supporting structure for conservative medicine, KREBS+KIEFER is also planning new traffic routing for the University Clinic site.


  • Structural Engineering