Weirs Main

Beneficial structures

The Waterway Construction Authority in Aschaffenburg was looking for a cost-effective solution for the preservation and renovation of five Main weirs. KREBS+ KIEFER was involved with two other organisations as part of a consortium. The commission included a concrete and soil survey, the recalculation of the existing structure in accordance with the relevant BAW code of practice in order to assess the load capacity of the existing solid hydraulic construction (TbW) and a renovation concept with different variations.

The company responsible for the steel hydraulics construction proposed standardising the previously different gates of the weirs. This resulted in changes to the solid structures, changes that KREBS+KIEFER had to take into account in terms of the strengthening work.


  • Creation of a concept and planning of material extraction
  • Drawing up the specifications (VOB/A) for material extraction
  • Carrying out visual inspections and preparing a condition report
  • Monitoring the material extraction work
  • Laboratory services for evaluating the material samples
  • Evaluating the material samples with compilation of a construction material report for each facility
  • Inspection and evaluation of the static systems in accordance with the relevant regulations (EC3/DIN 19704)
  • Compilation of a report on the condition of the structures
  • Evaluation of material investigations and static systems
  • Determination of maintenance procedures
  • Evaluation of the structural behaviour and of its remaining service life
  • Variant studies, including feasibility studies for maintenance / exchange of the gates / new constructions
  • Overall concept, taking into consideration location, flood protection, ecological continuity, shipping traffic, power plant operation and other criteria
  • Model verification of the solid structures (internal stability) in accordance with TbW