Weirs Mittelweser

Another 100 years of service

At two weirs on the Mittelweser, the construction of which began in the 1930s, KREBS+KIEFER was part of a consortium that investigated the condition of the solid structures and estimated the costs for restoration to enable the weirs to remain in service for another 100 years.

Initially, the engineers based their calculations on the reports regarding the condition and concrete of the existing structures. The office responsible for the steel structure had in the meantime selected the most cost-effective gates in terms of maintenance, which were very similar to the originals, although with some structural changes due to the latest standards. With this specification, KREBS+KIEFER took over the pre-planning and design planning for the restoration of the solid structures – including the corresponding modifications.


  • §§ 42, 49 and 53 of the HOAI (German Fee Regulations for Architects and Engineers):
  • Design planning and structural engineering
  • Technical equipment