Rail Node Eschborn

Responsible at all times

When the lengthy debates on the road connection between two industrial estates finally came to an end, KREBS+KIEFER enjoyed a flying start – as planner and project manager. While this double role simplified coordination on the one hand it implied enormous responsibility on the other.

The focus was on the complete renovation of an existing rail node, for which engineers had to plan and connect ten flat overpasses, work around existing buildings and make provisions for supporting walls. Given that traffic was to remain fully functional for the whole period, temporary traffic routes for various construction phases also had to be factored in.

Car traffic was lowered by one level to enable a crossing rail link. The most difficult part was a highway crossover, for which engineers designed several pre-stressed concrete bridges, taking into consideration the difficult ground conditions. Another task was the large-scale re-routing of the many power lines in the construction area.


  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering