New clinic complex (UKE) Hamburg-Eppendorf

Construction precautions

An idea put forward by the Eppendorf University Clinic for restructuring its site included rebuilding a main complex at a central location.

Beneath the clinic building, a four-storey subterranean car park with 900 parking spaces was built as part of a previous building project. This required preliminary load examinations by KREBS+KIEFER, and close coordination with the subterranean car park planners. A major factor to be accounted for was that the settling properties of the car park located deeper underground were significantly higher than those of the substructure areas of the new build overlapping at the side. By simulating settlement differences and placing structural joints accordingly, they were able to ensure that the building could withstand such strain.

In the entrance area, the extensive unsupported steel and glass structure projecting 16 metres gives the clinic its distinctive appearance. The flexible support and variable loads meet the demand for an economical construction.


  • Structural Engineering