Road bridge on the Havel-Oder waterway Hohensaaten

Stable Connection

Along Dorfstrasse, an urban road passing between the Brandenburg localities of Hohensaaten and Hohenwutzen, a three-lane road bridge made of reinforced concrete used to cross the Havel-Oder waterway. An evaluation and classification according to DIN1072 showed that the load-bearing capacity of the construction was significantly restricted. Strengthening the old bridge and repairing the damage proved to be unfeasible. Therefore the bridge was closed and the entire structure was dismantled, including abutments and canal supports along with the foundations.

KREBS+KIEFER planned a new bridge in the same location and, as far as possible, with the same dimensions - although it was to be a tied arch bridge with a horizontally connected carriageway made of reinforced concrete. Comparisons show that this form of structural support is superior to alternative options, from both a technical and economic viewpoint. Another difference between the original and the new construction are the deep foundations with large-diameter bored piles, which dissipate the heavy load of what is now a single-lane bridge into the ground.


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