Schwerin State Museum Schwerin

Modern Art in Historic Context

With its clear geometrical lines, a new exhibition space for contemporary art from the collection of the National Museum acknowledges its historic architectural heritage. The two-storey construction linked to the listed building offers 800 square metres of support-free exhibition space. The 14 metre wide steel composite ceiling beams rest exclusively on the outer walls.

The planning of seamless concrete façades with the wall thickness of only 17.5 cm presented a particular challenge. Using three-dimensional calculations and a thermally decoupled “sliding” bearing, their usability and durability could be ensured.

Faced with the issue of ground water and the need to protect archaeologically significant artefacts on the site of construction, KREBS+KIEFER chose watertight trough construction with sheet piling, underwater concrete base and a pile foundation.


  • Structural design
  • Object planning and structural design for civil engineering excavation work
  • Heat protection, energy performance certification
  • Construction physics and building simulation
  • Noise pollution control
  • Construction fire safety
  • Fire prevention
Modell: ARGE Scheidt Kasprusch Reiner Becker Architekten BDA
Modell: ARGE Scheidt Kasprusch Reiner Becker Architekten BDA