St. Vinzenz Hospital Hanau

More comfort in everyday hospital life

The purpose of the extensive modernisation is to bring the 130-year-old hospital up to date. The modernisation also includes a clinic complex in Nußallee. This is where KREBS+KIEFER, in the initial construction stage, is planning to demolish a building dating from 1927 and erect the structure for a new four-storey ward block in the same location, with an access yard in its basement.

The cramped inner city conditions and the fact that the hospital must continue to operate without restrictions had a great impact on the construction logistics and construction technique. To safeguard the client from future complaints, KREBS+KIEFER documented the existing condition of the neighbouring historic buildings and the impact of the construction work. In the second construction stage, for which KREBS+KIEFER is also commissioned, an operations wing will also be built and will be connected to the ward block without expansion joints.


  • Structural engineering
  • Preservation of evidence