Harbour Bridge Hamburg

Licence to lift

The Hamburg Port Authority has entrusted KREBS+KIEFER with the planning of the renovation of the Harbour Bridge. The bridge, built in 1935 in the Hamburg Port was given a new superstructure with an orthotropic cover plate in 1982, i.e. a superstructure reinforced in two directions. The original abutments remained intact.

Approximately 30 years later, the bridge has to be reinforced based on a recalculation. KREBS+KIEFER are responsible for the static calculation of the measures, in addition to the planning of the renewal of the corrosion protection, of the fixed bearing and the crossovers including railings. In addition, KREBS+KIEFER coordinate the tender and ensure a smooth cooperation between the contractors and administrative bodies. Other tasks include the safety and health protection as well as - due to contaminated material - the compliance of the technical rules for hazardous substances by means of a BGR Coordinator.

During the construction, the bridge and the canal transit are blocked off from traffic; alternative routes for pedestrians and cyclists are listed in a feasibility study by KREBS+KIEFER.


  • General planning
  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Tender