Sports hall Heppenheim Kirschhausen

Outstanding performance

The district of Bergstraße commissioned KREBS+KIEFER with the structural design for the new sports hall for Eichendorff School. The building comprises a divisible ground-floor hall and a two-storey section with changing rooms, club rooms, equipment rooms and a gallery-shaped corridor with a view over the hall.

The roof of the hall, with a span of 19 metres, is formed by a wooden structure covered with profiled sheeting. Every 4.10 metres, a truss beam is attached to slim reinforced concrete columns – a concealed steel construction serves as the base. In consultation with the Design Planning Department, a very cost-effective solution was devised for the construction of the walls of the hall: a lime sand brickwork structure supported by interlocked reinforced concrete columns. The two-storey area is completed with a reinforced concrete intermediate ceiling and a lightweight profiled sheeting roof.

Due to the ground conditions, the entire structure is supported with deep-seated foundations on piles. The close collaboration of all parties involved resulted in a very short construction period with little disruption to day-to-day school activities.