Bridge over the River Schwentine Preetz/ Schellhorn

Precision landing

The main opening of the three-part bridge spans over a large railway track. During ongoing railway operations, its steel tied-arch measuring ca. 100 m was suspended over the track and then shifted 30 m along into its final position. It was constructed in stages while being moved, which placed high demands on the accuracy of fit of the steel structures. By using the sliding track as a pre-assembly area, the construction work could be carried out on an unusually small surface.

As the bridge forms part of an important inter-city connection, low-vibration levels were imperative to its construction. The planners of the load-bearing structure had to calculate the dimensions of the steel tied-arch in such a way that the structure would be sufficiently stiff and "sluggish". As an alternative to the originally planned composite steel solution, KREBS+KIEFER designed reinforced concrete slabs for the superstructures, which are connected to the north and south of the central section of the bridge.


  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering