Schewtschenko Park Charkow, Ukraine

Market-compliant floor plans

Three residential towers, each with 16 storeys and a height of 60 m, are being erected on an inner-city site in Charkow in the eastern Ukraine. KREBS+KIEFER designed the load-bearing structure so flexibly that each floor could accommodate apartments with different floor plans, depending on market conditions.

The residential towers are built on a common three-storey base building consisting of a ground-floor parking level for the residents and two retail levels. The towers are separated from each other by movement joints in the base storeys and each tower has foundations consisting of a foundation slab supported by driven piles. The design was oriented towards German norms, whereby a number of special Ukrainian regulations had to be observed. It also had to take into consideration the construction methods and materials that are technically possible in the Ukraine and/or have already been tested there.


  • Structural Engineering