Cycle bridge Teschendorf–Grüneberg, Germany

Carefree cycling

Cyclists travelling between the towns of Teschendorf and Löwenberg in the district of Oberhavel have for a long time had to use the busy B 96 federal highway. A new cycle path and footpath along the eastern side of the B 96 is now making the journey safer.

Sections of the path lead through low moorland and over marshy areas and, before the junction to Grüneberg, the approximately eight-metre-wide Fließgraben has to be crossed. KREBS+KIEFER was responsible for the design planning and structural engineering required during the design phase, for the tendering and for the technical verification of the execution documents.

Due to the proximity of the subsoil to water, the foundations of the cyclist bridge, with a bearing distance of almost 12 metres, are supported by very long driven piles made of steel pipes. Its abutments and wings are made from reinforced concrete and it has a single-span steel support grid as its superstructure. Extremely weather-proof, red ironwood was used for the stringers and screeding.


  • Design planning
  • Structural engineering
  • Technical verification