Bicycle trail system, construction of a new bicycle bridge Weisenbach

Construction of a new bicycle bridge in Weisenbach

A bicycling / hiking trail runs along the Murg river from Freudenstadt to Rastatt, which is known to cyclists in the northern Black Forest as an adventure trail with the name of "Tour de Murg”. This bike trail runs mostly parallel to federal highway 462 on separate bike paths and farm roads.

A relatively short section of the bike trail between the communities of Weisenbach and Gernsbach-Hilpertsau is an exception to that. The cyclists currently have to share the roadway of B 462 with busy traffic. This barrier is to be removed and the gap in the bike path is to be closed with a new bike path bridge over the river Murg. KREBS+KIEFER has been commissioned by the Regional Council [Regierungspräsidium] Karlsruhe with planning the new bicycle bridge. The preferred variant so far is a cable-stayed bridge suspended between two pylons with an s-shaped footprint. The curved cross-section is the result of the optimized routing by traffic planning.

The technical and visual design are to facilitate a most delicate structure, which blends harmoniously into the landscape. The slanted pylons appear light and open up towards the top. The polygonal cross-section creates different light and shadow effects. Strong turbulence is to be expected at the bottom in the Murg region. All foundation elements will therefore be anchored at least 1m deep below the footer base. The overall construction time is expected to be 18 months.


  • HOAI 2013 §43: Service phases 2,3 and 6
  • HOAI 2013 §5: Service phases 2,3 and 6
  • Special services: Rendering of the design drafts