Petrovka Mall Kiev, Ukraine

A shopping centre of superlatives

The largest shopping centre in the city has been built near to the "Petrovka" metro line in the north of Kiev. It serves a catchment area of 1 million inhabitants and is designed for up to 30.000 visitors per day. The L-shaped complex is 320 m long and up to 180 m wide – the planned supermarket alone is 10.000 m2. 170 further shops are planned for the three upper and lower levels, plus ten cinemas with up to 400 seats, underground parking and a truck delivery zone.

Particular aspects of the planning of the load-bearing structure by KREBS+KIEFER were three large atria with circular skylights which allow natural light to enter the building through glass domes in the roof. The atria are connected by wide walkways, some of which have large openings in the ceiling giving views of the next highest level. The 12 m high cinemas on the 3rd floor measure 23 m x 24 m and were constructed as reinforced steel boxes normally supported by only four columns.


  • Structural Engineering