New Cologne - railway line Rhine/Main

Smooth transitions

The underpass and the simultaneous reconstruction of the Frankfurt Cross without stopping traffic was one of the biggest challenges in the section south of the new railway line Cologne - Rhine/Main. The sophisticated design and tender planning by KREBS+KIEFER resulted in the contract for the execution phase, which included specific "client tasks" such as project and appointment coordination as well as post-contract work.

Because the construction site was expected to make as little impact on the flow of traffic as possible, the engineers at KREBS+KIEFER divided the tunnel work into several sections, continually monitoring the stability of the road above, so that the above-ground road systems remained unaffected.

The open-ended tunnel segments were built using the cut and cover method. Which is why up to 20 m long bored piles were made in the road surface. This was followed by the construction of the tunnel cover, protected by the excavation pit.


  • General planning
  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Project management
  • Tender & Contracting
  • Site supervision