Marie-Curie-Gymnasium Dresden

Test success

The expansion of Dresden's Marie Curie Gymnasium comprised the construction of a school building and sports hall and the renovation of the existing school. In addition to structural engineering and fire safety services, KREBS+KIEFER also designed the concepts for supporting the construction pit and demolishing the old hall.

The school is located in the city centre, meaning that the building, with up to 11 m of overarching ceiling, was constructed under very restricted space conditions. On top of this, many pipes ran through the already difficult building ground. For this reason, the compact, four-storey steel-frame building has partly been founded on a floor slab and partly on bored piles.

The old school building with its "Menzel ceilings" (pre-cast elements made from reinforced concrete ribs with a thin upper and lower surface) was renovated. A column-free corridor made from reinforced concrete acts as a link between the new and old buildings. The new three-field sports hall captivates through its fine filigree steel trusses with a span width of 30 m and the transparent design of its foyer, with self-supporting walls.


  • Structural Engineering
  • Fire safety
  • Construction management