Lobdeburg Tunnel Jena

Motorway takes a dive

The construction of the 600 m long Lobdeburg tunnel is about to make living in Jena-Lobeda considerably better. With the A4 motorway being lowered by up to seven metres and up to 85.000 vehicles descending into the tunnel every day, noise pollution in the area will be dramatically reduced. A large green area will be built on the "roof" of the tunnel using the excavated and transported soil.

KREBS+KIEFER has accompanied this project from the design through the tender process to the execution phase. This included neighbouring constructions such as the transfer to the Jena-Lobeda junction, a bicycle and pedestrian crossing, and sound barriers. The tunnel comprises two reinforced concrete arched domes with open bottom slabs and a clearance of 18.50 m, with each dome incorporating four lanes and two emergency exits.

Only through seamless organisation was it possible for KREBS+KIEFER to cope with the transporting of around 70.000 m3 of concrete, 8.000 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 400.000 m3 of soil – and to ensure that traffic on the high-capacity A4 motorway could continue as normal during the entire construction phase.


  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering