Ober-Erlenbach sewage treatment plant Bad Homburg

Basin upcycling

The sewage treatment plant, which cleans more than 60,000 cubic metres of waste and rainwater every day from the town of Bad Homburg and the Oberursel Oberstedten district, needed a new operations building. Due to a lack of space, its location had to be in the area above a disused clearing basin. KREBS+KIEFER was commissioned with the structural design and thermal insulation verification for the project and impressed the client with an extremely cost-effective concept.

A portion of the decommissioned basin serves as a basement, eliminating one floor in the new building. The remainder will be backfilled. The new building and old basin are joined by bonded reinforcement. Where necessary, the joints between old and new were also sealed with the aid of injection hoses.


  • Structural design, service phases 1 to 6
  • Thermal insulation verification, service phases 1 to 6