Sewage treatment plant, mixed water pumping station Egelsbach

Sewage treatment plant Egelsbach

The sewage board Langen-Egelsbach-Erzhausen commissioned KREBS+KIEFER to participate in the project of the new construction and renovation work at the sewage treatment plant Egelsbach. Special focus was on the economic implementation of all measures and full operational maintenance of the sewage treatment plant during the project.

All aspects of this task could be fulfilled through intensive utilization of existing shaft structures and gullies. In some areas the old and new structures could not be separated by means of expansion joints and had to be connected with glued and dovetailed reinforcements after the fact. Seals were made with injection hoses in this case.

Dewatering measures were also required during the construction phase because of a high groundwater level. Some of the buildings were anchored deep into the ground and had to be designed to resist up-surge according to the respective upsurge loads.

KREBS+KIEFER created the structural design for the project in all its phases, audited stock and provided verification of construction statuses.


  • Structural engineering, service phases 1 to 8
  • inventory checks
  • verification of construction status