Sewage treatment plant Breisach

Gratifying key data

On behalf of the municipality of Breisach, KREBS+KIEFER undertook the structural design of modifications to the sewage treatment plant to improve biological purification. The walls of the degasification basin and its intake canals were raised to increase capacity. The second measure was conversion of an aeration basin into a circulation basin

Until then, transverse and longitudinal walls had served to stiffen the basin with its total volume of 5500 cubic metres. Following structural calculations by KREBS+KIEFER, it was possible to demolish parts of this stiffening: Stability of the circulation basin was ensured by the remaining walls and strengthening of the basin corners. The engineers chose semicircular precast units for the new guide walls, greatly shortening the building period.


  • Structural design, service phases 1 to 6