Children's Day Care Centre Frankfurt am Main

Desired tinkering with wood

The two-storey new building replaces the previous premises at the same address, which the St. Bernhard children's centre has now outgrown. The new building complies with the Passivhaus Standard, as intended by the builders. The wooden construction with a high grade of prefabrication, recommended by KREBS+KIEFER, was advantageous in many ways: It fulfils the criteria for sustainability, allows for the restricted conditions on site and enabled the construction to be carried out immediately next to and partially on an existing 50-year-old underground car park.

The load-bearing walls were constructed with timber and the foyer with veneer plywood using load-bearing post construction methods. The ceilings were largely constructed using stacked plank methods. Box girders of veneer plywood were used for the ceiling above the multipurpose room, which is more than 8 metres wide, as well as above the self-supporting foyer. The load is transferred partly via the exterior wall of the underground car park and partly via a new pillar in the underground car park, which is mounted on a pin pile foundation.


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