Bridge “Kampbrücke” across the Havel Zehdenick

Second career for the foundations

Between Falkenthal and Templin, the B 109 highway crosses the Obere-Havel-Wasserstraße in the urban area of Zehdenick. Due to inadequate load bearing capacity, the existing bridge across the waterway had to be demolished. In addition to externally visible damage, the longitudinally pre-stressed construction was compromised through stress corrosion cracking and alkali silica reactions (AKR). Therefore a new replacement construction on the site of the old bridge was planned.

Additionally, investigations into the construction materials could not rule out advanced alkali silica reactions in the existing foundation structure. For this reason the partial dismantling of the foundations was planned - and the rubble was used to improve the ground underneath the foundations of the new bridge. The new construction was designed and built as a single-lane reinforced concrete bridge with a double-webbed T-beam of site-mixed concrete. Traffic management during the construction period including the planning of a temporary bridge was part of the commission.


  • General planning
  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Tender & Contracting