Flood barrage Ladenburg am Neckar

Precision in a narrow time window

The flood barrage completed in 1931 was in a poor structural condition. It was a condition of the construction of the replacement structure that the old barrage had to remain operational until the time of the switch. KREBS+KIEFER planned the solid construction and was responsible for site supervision – in close collaboration with the company responsible for the steel hydraulics engineering.

As the barrage and the sill should fit exactly, the engineers designed as a support a 45-metre-long fully pre-stressed and prefabricated component that was lowered by a ship’s crane during a brief closure. An additional underwater concrete base protected the canal trough from erosion should a situation arise that necessitated the drainage of the canal. As shipping traffic otherwise had to continue non-stop, the work area was restricted to two small construction pits to the left and right of the channel.


  • Phases 1 to 8 for design planning and structural engineering, solid construction, underwater concrete base, electrical engineering, communications engineering and mechanical engineering
  • Health and safety coordination
  • On-site supervision with compulsory attendance
  • * Planning consortium KREBS+KIEFER and IRS