Staronavodnytska Tower Kiev

Above the clouds—under the Earth

The 22-storey office building standing a good 86 metres high is to be built in central Kiev. The building's three sublevels, with a surface area from about 99 metres to 67 metres, reach a depth of 12 metres. To achieve these dimensions, the designers went underground up to the property line.

Reinforced concrete flat slabs transfer their loads within the building onto reinforced concrete cores and walls, and onto reinforced concrete columns outside. Reinforced concrete elevator shafts and stairwells brace the tower.

A foundation over bored piles is planned due to the relatively poor subsoil; the comparatively deep building pit will be created using the cut-and-cover method. In this method, the sublevel ceilings are first placed on primary columns and the soil is then excavated from underneath them.

Ukrainian norms needed to be observed in the planning of the tower, which have some unique features compared to German norms and the Eurocode. Local conditions regarding design loads and available materials needed to be included in the calculations.


  • Structural Engineering