Grushevskogo 30 - Office Building Kiev

Experiment with a view

The office building in central Kiev consists of a plinth structure over an underground car park with four sublevels and an office tower. With its 54 floors, the building reaches a height of 234.20 metres above ground level. Since the construction departs from applicable norms, the project was classified under Ukrainian construction law as a so-called "experimental building". In order to obtain a construction permit, KREBS+KIEFER agreed the structural design specially with the local authorities.

The bracing of the high-rise was accomplished with a reinforced concrete core, which the engineers assessed using a dynamic analysis. To determine the wind load, they compared German, Ukrainian and Russian norms.

The standard floors are planned as reinforced concrete flat slabs with reinforced column caps and edge beams. Composite steel girders and slender composite steel columns convey a sense of grand and generous proportions. The bracing of the construction pit is executed using the cut-and-cover method. At the same time, we were mindful of the construction methods technically possible or already tested in Ukraine.


  • Structural Engineering