Research Building (bERLinPro) Berlin

A serious task

Scientists are working in the industrial park Adlershof on a particularly energy-efficient technology for particle acceleration. KREBS+KIEFER accepted the structural engineering design for the two-section research building. It consists of a subterranean hall for the scientific equipment, which is connected to an above-ground hall for supply engineering and control systems. Since the new building is located right next to the highly sensitive photon source BESSY II, it was essential to prevent any vibrations or settling.

The accelerator hall was to be designed to radiation fallout shelter standards. Metre-thick wall components, ceilings with a depth of almost one and one-half metres, the heavy radiation protection concrete, and up to six metres of soil cover add up to gigantic loads for a structure with such a broad span. Another complex topic for KREBS+KIEFER was the location of the supply lines, which were finally designated in close consultation with the building services planners and operators.


  • HOAI §51 Services: Service phases 1 to 6
  • Energy consulting and concepts
  • Thermal building physics
  • Efficiency consulting and building physics