Finne tunnel on the new Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle railway line Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle

Underground express connection

The 6.9 km long Finne tunnel is part of the new Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle railway line, the general planning of which was carried out by KREBS+KIEFER. For safety reasons the tunnel, which passes through the range of low hills from which its name is derived, was designed as two parallel, single-track tunnels linked together by galleries spaced 500 m apart.

The mechanised tunnelling was carried out in difficult geological conditions; the tunnels mainly pass through the area of the Buntsandstein plate, with major tectonic disruption in the west section of the tunnel. Wide areas of the tunnel floor also lie up to 60 m below the hill water level. For this reason, flooding and the regional supply of drinking water were important aspects of the planning.


  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering
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