Truss Bridges on the Taiwan High-Speed Railway Taichung, Taiwan

Armed in threefold

The three steel truss bridges, designed by KREBS+KIEFER, form part of the ca. 350 km long high-speed railway line from the capital, Taipeh, in the north to the industrial centre around Kaohsiung in the south of the island. The triple-span bridges have spans of 150 m, 120 m and 140 m and are designed for a speed of 300 km/h, with location-specific risks being taken into account by the engineers.

As Taiwan is frequently affected by earthquakes, the foundations of the bridges consist of large-diameter bored piles measuring up to 50 m in length. The upper 10 m of the piles were treated as if they were not embedded, since in the event of flooding caused by a typhoon striking the area, the earth in the normally relatively dry river bed can be expected to be washed away to this depth. KREBS+KIEFER also investigated the case of failure of a diagonal girder in the superstructures in order to simulate the impact of a train and thus prevent failure of the bridge following an accident of this type.


  • Structural Engineering