Childcare center expansion at St. Peter Canisius Mainz

Childcare center expansion at St. Peter Canisius, Mainz

The Catholic parish daycare center of St. Peter Canisius in the Mainz district of Gonsenheim expanded its facilities with a new addition.A new parish center was created offering a large Community Hall as well as youth center rooms, accessible directly from the church. In addition, the design of the grounds was redone to make room for a new Family Center, accessible to persons with disabilities. Along with the parish functions the Community Hall with room for 120 people will provide space for the daycare center and the ministry to the persons with disabilities.

The new building was built in the solid style and the wide-spanning roof over the multipurpose room was constructed of wood.The building addition was then well insulated and connected with the existing heating system to minimize heat losses.

KREBS+KIEFER was in charge of all phases of the structural engineering services, furnished construction consulting services with regard to acoustics, verification of sound proofing, and energy consulting and concepts; they also were in charge of all engineering inspections.


  • Structural engineering, Service phases 1 to 6
  • Building sound insulation consultation and verification per DIN 4109
  • Energy consulting and concepts, heat insulation and Energy Savings Ordinance (EnEv) proof of compliance
  • Engineering inspections