Development of a Slab Track South Korea

German Innovation

On behalf of the South Korean construction company SAMPYO, KREBS+KIEFER developed a slab track out of coupled pre-stressed pre-cast concrete unit for high-speed rail traffic in South Korea. That the client and contractor developed a trusting relationship within the shortest time was particularly gratifying, as this was the first project KREBS+KIEFER had undertaken in the country—even more, as the project was in the field of research and development.

The project included a preliminary study, design, implementation planning, materials testing and cost comparisons—production of the track supporting layer had to be as cost-effective as possible. South Korea had little experience with track supporting layers, so the know-how from Germany was very welcome. Certification by the German Federal Railway Authority (Deutsche Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA)) ensured the Korean National Railways would recognise the system. SAMPYO installed a test track in Korea and monitored it for several years. The supporting slab has proven successful and will be further developed.


  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering