Djamaâ El Djazaïr, Great Mosque Algier, Algeria

Cultures of the whole World in one place

In the North African country Algeria there is the Djamaâ El Djazaïr project under construction, the Great Mosque of Algiers, which is supposed to be the third biggest mosque in the world. This mosque complex, with extraordinary architectural and cultural dimensions, is located right next to the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the minaret, which at 265m is the highest in the world, this project includes the construction of various religious and secular buildings.

KREBS+KIEFER undertook the general planning for this cultural and historic monument in JV, and carried the main responsibility for integrated planning in the role of technical leader. In view of the dimensions of the buildings, the task of making them earthquake-proof presented special challenges in terms of structural design to the civil engineers of KREBS+KIEFER. In the building supervision phase, KREBS+KIEFER works to ensure the smooth running and the required quality standards of the construction work, which is to be carried out by a Chinese general contractor.

The project has been designed to receive 120.000 visitors daily. As a cultural and religious centre, this project demonstrates, in an exemplary manner, the art of living architecture and engineering which combines modernity and tradition, high-end engineering and site-adapted building techniques.


  • General planning
  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Tender & Contracting
  • Site supervision